Silver Line Group Is the biggest composite vertical in Bangladesh with backward linkage of Spinning, Weaving, Textile dyeing & finishing and Garments.

Friendly Work Culture

Silver Line believes in youth and the power of change. Passion determination and motivation are what sets our people apart from the rest. Everyone here has a dream and we dare to dream big. Regardless of your job role we encourage you to embrace your uniqueness to bring out the best in you. Every job role here is diverse and unique with plenty of opportunity to learn new things everyday.


Extend Your Possibilities

Don’t want to limit yourself to one department or one team. At Silver Line our employees are encouraged to take part in various projects from time to time to enable them to broaden their horizons.


Equal Employment Opportunities

We are committed to maintain a positive environment in our workplace, free from any discrimination in terms of gender, age, race, religion, creed or any other criteria. We ensure equal opportunities for all in terms of recruitment, selection, promotion, training, development and rewards.

We have the following facilities in our factory, which can be referred to as examples of Best Practices and a best place to work:

  1. Time Attendance & Pay Roll: We have setup computerized software based Time Attendance & Pay Roll system for all workers and employees. This can generate Barcode ID Card, Salary Sheet, Pay-Slip etc.
  2. House Keeping Team: The factory has 5S Housekeeping Team to maintain neat and tidy environment and atmosphere in accordance with the Health and Safety Act of our country.
  3. Evacuation Plan: There are educate-diagrams kept in every floor of the factory showing direction to all employees to run out in case of any emergency situation.
  4. Exit Wavs: We have four exits in all the floors for workers & staffs and two emergency exits with fire protector door.
  5. Medical Facilities: The workers enjoy free health care benefits and Medicare services. We have a qualified Doctor who visits our factory every working day of week and two staff nurses who are always engaged to provide medical services to our workers and staffs.
  6. First Aid Policy: For every 150 workers we have two persons trained in First Aid and Medicare. We keep certain quantity of First Aid equipments in a First Aid Box in each floor for employees to use as First Aid.
  7. Workers Accommodation Facility: The Company provides free accommodation for both male and female workers nearby factory building.
  8. Accommodation for staffs: The Company provides family quarters, bachelor quarters with dining facility beside factory building. Moreover we have also dormitory facility and guest room facilities.
  9. Dining facility for workers: We have 12,000 Square feet dining space for workers with canteen & prayer room facility.
  10. Power Unit: We have own gas generator plant with 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply. So, we can say that we are free from the course of load shading and we can supply goods on time without fail.
  11. Transport Line: We have own transport facility for goods handover and cargo delivery.


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