SILVER LINE Spinning, Textile and Garments sections have taken Quality Control as one of the commitments to the buyers. That’s why every section of SILVER LINE GROUP is committed to ensure all activities through documented quality management system (QMS).  Every Section fulfils all the requirements of ISO 9001 in every phase of Manufacturing and Quality assurance.

Silver Line has undertaken appropriate review system, evaluation systems and performance measurement system of its operation to ensure compliance with quality policy and continual improvement of the Quality Management System.

SILVER LINE wants to ensure to all the buyers that Quality Assurance is one of the top priorities of this group. The philosophy of never standing still, never slowing down, never stops thinking and never compromising with quality has made SILVER LINE the most progressive and dynamic business leader in the country. To ensure the trust of the customers, SILVER LINE has brought advanced and latest technology in every section to cope up with the changing world. Our Research and Development section is working hard to bring Innovation every day and manufacturing the most possible quality product in the world.


Quality First is our motto. It is always the 1st priority for SILVER LINE to ensure safe and consumer friendly fabric. SILVER LINE has its own high-tech laboratory and computer data processor. The LAB is fully equipped with modern testing equipments and machines enable us to check the fabric/yarn/dyes & chemicals in all stages of required testing parameters & performance. The testing LAB equipments are sourced from renowned brands from USA & UK like James HEAL/ LAWER/ ATLAS.