What does Silver Line look for in a recruit?

Silver Line is a performance driven and people-oriented organization. Silver Line always values and admire people who drives results, supports & cooperates with other team members, takes initiatives & walks the talk. During recruitment we also look for these leadership behaviors in a job applicant.


I have submitted my CV. How do I know I have been shortlisted?

You will be contacted by Human Resources Function through phone/email mentioned in your CV as per management requirement. Further process will be communicated to the incumbents during the call. However, we also preserve CVs in our CV Bank for future needs.


I have found a position that matches my interests and qualifications – what do I do?

The “Apply” button is counted as the final application. So, fill in your personal contact details, educational background and work experience. You will be requested to attach your CV/ résumé along with other relevant documents. Please fill the form correctly and update your CV/ résumé according to the job requirements.


When attaching documents to my application, what size and format should they be?

The maximum size limit for each file is 2 MB. Attachments must be in one of the following formats: MS Word (doc/docx) or PDF. Please ensure that you do not upload password-protected PDF files.


If I Find job advertisement is Bdjobs or other job sites, can I apply from here?

Yes. But, if you see any advertisement in Bdjobs or other job sites, you are requested to apply through that site. You can also apply from this site and you will be called upon our need.


Should I contact after applying or should I call anyone I know in the company?

No, you mustn’t call after applying for any post in the company. If we find you qualified for the job and we need you, we shall contact you. Also you mustn’t contact with anyone in the company. It will be counted as a negative point in you profile.

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