USA origin Bangladeshi Buying House
Dealing in all kinds of garments and textile products

SLG International’s goal is to become one of the leading Bangladesh garment manufacturers with hard work and constant effort to meet highest quality standards resulting in a wide variety of fashionable products that can now be seen throughout the world. SLG International is producing high-quality garments for menswear, women, and kids, specializing in Knitwear, sweater, and denim.

SLG International Highlights

Due to SLG International’s strong focus on best up-to-date quality and constantly improving cutting-edge technology that often exceeds customer expectations, we now deliver products to a wide variety of respectable brands and clients throughout the world. Quality is something we do not compromise. Meeting the highest quality standards is a result of the latest technology, hardworking employees, and experienced designers and technicians, which educate the workers and supervise the entire process, from sample development all the way to goods leaving our warehouses. Our experienced sampling department creates our own, as well as patterns per customer design. At the beginning, we have made a step forward and transformed all the acquired knowledge and feedback to its exclusive collections that proved us to be on the right path.


Started in 2021 with an experienced team
on Garments and Textile


Producing high-quality
garments and textiles products


Having business partners
in more than 50 countries


Hardworking employees,
experienced designers and technicians

Back to work
After COVID-19