SLG Director Mr. Samit Hassan was awarded as one of the most influential young businessmen

The ambitious and visionary leader and Director of the largest conglomerate in the textile and apparel sector in Bangladesh – Silver Line Group, Mr. Samit Hassan, who not only expanded the group but also modernize the existing processes through technology implementation, is going to be recognized by AsiaOne Magazine with AsiaOne Young Asian Entrepreneurs 2019-20 Award.

As the youngest and dynamic member of the board, Mr. Samit has an outstanding quality to work with new ideas and bring innovation to the Silver Line Group. His innovative ideas and always learning new attitudes help the company to think out of the box and serve the customers and buyers in the most innovative ways. He is responsible for the Branding and Communication of the company.

His family history is quite interesting. His father, Mr. MAH Salim, a freedom fighter, has raised this entire company from the ground with painstaking dedication. He found out that knitting was done by a lot of people in Bangladesh, but woven was done by only a few people. That’s when he thought instead of going into the path of knitting, let’s go for the woven path. When he used to go with his brother, his father would urge him to accompany him. This was aimed at encouraging him to know what’s happening so that he would appreciate the business.

Samit Hassan was among the top ten students of his high school in California and a National Honours Society member. He has done his High School Diploma from Squaw Valley Academy. He has been studying International Business Management, shifting from the University of Miami, International University in Geneva to Lynn University.

Bangladesh rose to its position largely because of its lack of regulation and the low wages it pays its garment workers. As fashion brands look to cut costs, and wages continue to rise in China, Bangladesh becomes an increasingly attractive place to make clothes on the cheap. Back then there weren’t many quality yarn suppliers in Bangladesh. Now it is widely renowned for delivering high quality 100% Cotton Yarns for export-oriented knit fabrics and apparel units. The success of it has not only garnered praise, but it has also drawn the attention of buyers who are even more demanding.

Mr. Samit and his father went on complete vertical because it allows their company to reduce costs across various parts of production, ensures tighter quality control, and ensures a better flow and control of information across the supply chain. He was mostly interested in following where the trends lead his team and coming up with new sustainable yarns to be used in the future with the help of their Research and Development team. They ensured the world’s best technology under one roof because Technological advancements in the textile industry include the use of new machines.

Samit Hassan is creating innovation in the realm of fabric and fiber, the fundamental building blocks of the textile industry. He explains, “We’re the first in Bangladesh to be doing Hemp, a naturally produced and 100% UV protected fiber that makes it suitable for protection against sun exposure. We are also developing fragrant fabric, water-resistant fabric, Bamboo yarn, the composition of silk and spandex, the composition of silk and cotton and Aramid, which is a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers, used in aerospace and military applications.” That’s how he ensured a one-stop solution to buyers.

The design studio concept is followed as it has helped Silver Line group to develop their experimental creativity that combines with their deep level of technical understanding and access to the right technology allows them to realize their ideas in a way that makes them unrivaled as the leading woven composites. Here the techniques involve the following things:

Fancy-yarn concept development using innovative printing, dyeing and twisting techniques, Colour-work; recoloring and color concept development.

Multi-process fabric exploration combining woven, foiled, laser-cut, etching and embroidery techniques

Mr Samit is glad to be a part of the Silver Line Group. It pushed him at the age of 18 to learn. Now he is 25, and he thinks that he is pretty well experienced. He provides leadership and direction in the execution of short and long-range plans and coordinates inter-department communication activities. He also provides professional advice to the MD including current conditions, future needs and new opportunities. The buyer’s greed makes him hungrier for their knowledge. They are pushing him to push them so that together they can push the trends to the people. He also assured not to say no because it transfers negativity to buyers, to people, to himself, to whom he makes a deal. He is such a motivating and successful person that he has made himself an example. His life quote is, ”Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow”- Oprah Winfrey.

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