Lead brand for Non-denim products in Bangladesh

Silver Line Group started on the grounds of family support and generation of ideas. Mr. MAH Salim had come up with different ideas after purchasing a piece of land to construct a factory. He settled for the textile industry due to its prospects in the market. The population in Bangladesh highly demanded textile products as there were fewer productions at the time when Silver Line was starting up.

The initial idea was to establish a knitting company, but they realized that many other companies were doing the same. The best option was the woven items that would require activities like solid dyeing, weaving, and then finishing. Since all these operations are conducted under different sectors, Silver line managed to secure a way to combine them under one roof. Samit Hassan, who is now the Director of this company, learnt through accompanying his father and brother and has finally made the organization successful all over the region. He contributed ideas from the market research, and through family associations, they were able to achieve the position of the most successful business in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is one of the biggest textile markets in the region, considering that China is no longer a significant player in the industry. Many other organizations are venturing into the business due to its substantial returns and reliability, which makes it competitive. The ongoing trade wars between the US and China allow Bangladesh to dominate the market and build the reputation of high-quality products around the world. The different players in the local market make it possible to work on competitive production procedures, prices, and other aspects that promote growth.

Silver Line Group being the most successful and established organization in Bangladesh, is in a better position of enjoying the benefits of the growing industry. The organization deals with some of the biggest clients in the industry, and any changes in the external market will not impact them as much. Silver Line Group growth factors revolve around technology, availability of trained individuals, and the expanding market. They can use their position and brand image to influence consumers and still make profits as anticipated.

One of the biggest goals that Silver Line Group wishes to develop is ensuring that it can satisfy the high demand in the textile market. Due to the increased organizations that deal with textiles, cotton supply has reduced with the increasing demand. More individuals and organizations are competing for the available high-quality cotton to make their operations a success. Silver Line is on a journey to grow its raw materials to make the process even more reliable and cheaper. They already conducted experiments on the growth of high-quality cotton to achieve their goals. The only remaining action is to implement these plans and, in the process, maintain their consumer coverage cross Bangladesh and other areas around the world. It is possible to ensure that they achieve their production goals while paying attention to quality and costs.

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